Matthew Hoy spent 15 years working for various newspapers up and down the West Coast as a professional journalist. Despite this checkered background, he has studied hard and educated himself on firearms and firearms laws. 

Since 2001, he has opined on journalism, politics and society at his personal blog,

At the Lompoc Record, he was editor of the Sunday paper and covered Vandenberg Air Force Base, the three federal prison complexes at Lompoc along with two nearby community services districts.

At The Daily World, in Aberdeen, Wash., Matthew was the Special Sections Editor, education reporter and de facto systems editor.

At the North County Times, in Escondido, Calif., he was a copy editor and lead A-1 page designer for several zoned newspaper sections.

Matthew concluded his formal journalism career in 2009 at The San Diego Union-Tribune. Before being laid off amid downsizing in the newspaper business, Matt worked as a page designer for the Metro, Sports and Opinion sections, along with being in charge of training for Adobe's InDesign and page templates throughout the paper.

Since then Matthew has worked as an editor and compositor for a small math textbook company, and as head of technical support and customer training for an online math homework system.

Matthew currently lives in Paso Robles, Calif., with his beautiful wife Janice and cats Ace and Penelope.


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