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In most states, purchasing your first gun is as easy as going into your local gun store, finding one you like, filling out one form, plopping down your money and walking out. 

Restricted Arms is here to answer your questions and help you navigate the process in those states where it is a lot more complicated.
The Most recent stories from the front lines in the battle to defend your 2nd amendment rights
July 16, 2019
New Jersey Governor Signs New Gun Laws; Others Await Senate OK

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a slate of new gun laws today, the most notable of which is a "fix" to a 17-year-old law that has had the effect of stifling the development of so-called smart guns. The 2002 law required that once a "smart gun" was available for sale in New Jersey, then […]

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July 15, 2019
Gun Control Advocates Tout Flawed Study

The journal¬†Pediatrics today released a study purporting to show that states with tougher gun laws (as judged by the Brady Campaign) results in a 35 percent decrease in "youth" firearms deaths. Children, as defined by the study, include those up to 21 years of age. In other words, not children. This is not a serious […]

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July 10, 2019
Pennsylvania Democrats Not Interested in Enforcing Gun Laws

Two top Democrat prosecutors have indicated that a new law designed to ensure that those violating gun laws get prosecuted will not use that authority. The Pennsylvania legislature earlier this year passed a law allowing so-called "concurrent jurisdiction" for the city of Philadelphia. The law is targeted at Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner who has […]

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July 9, 2019
New Zealand gun owners continue to buck 'buyback' scheme

New Zealand gun owners have until Dec. 20 to turn in their now-illegal scary black rifles and, if the initial numbers are any indication, most are likely to buck the gun "buyback" scheme. Almost 1000 guns have already been handed in to police, and another 8000 have been flagged for surrender through the online registration […]

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