Rep. Eric "Duke Nukem" Swalwell Announces White House Bid

April 9, 2019


Matthew Hoy

Last night on CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert, California Rep. Eric "Duke Nukem" Swalwell announced that he is the 1,587th Democrat running for president in 2020.

Swalwell has made a name for himself in recent years as a hardline gun-control advocate anti-gun nut.

That's right, Swalwell has advocated the U.S. government using nuclear weapons on its own citizens, and on its own soil, if gun owners refuse his efforts to confiscate their firearms, earning himself the moniker "Duke Nukem."

Swalwell is running mainly on a gun-confiscation platform, which he deceptively calls a "mandatory gun-buyback."

His primary policy message of the campaign will be gun control, and he's proposing a mandatory buyback of "military-style semiautomatic assault weapons."

"I will be the first candidate to say that reducing gun violence has to be a top three issue," Swalwell told Esquire. "Last year I wrote a bill calling for a buyback and ban on assault weapons — not just to ban future manufacturing, but to just take the 15 million that are out there and buy them back."

Swalwell stated that the buyback is mandatory.

Needless to say that Swalwell doesn't have a prayer of winning the Democratic nomination, and if he did he would do nothing but guarantee President Donald Trump a second term.

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