Delaware Democrats Abandon New Gun Control Efforts

May 15, 2019


Matthew Hoy

Delaware Senate President Pro Tem David McBride announced earlier this week that the package of gun control bills being pushed by Democrats would be shelved after the response by the public to the plans was less than enthusiastic.

Support for strict gun control measures proposed by fellow Democrats is "almost non-existent," the leader of Delaware's Senate said Monday in declaring that the measures will not be coming out of a committee he leads.

The statement by Senate President Pro Tem David McBride comes after a committee hearing last week in which critics blasted the proposals as unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership that would do nothing to address gun crime in Delaware.

The proposals included the usual: bans on scary black rifles, standard capacity magazines and requiring state approval and a training course before being allowed to purchase a firearm.

McBride's decision marks a surprising turn for any Democratic politician and hints at the fact that 2nd Amendment support, even in a blue state like Delaware, may be deeper and stronger than most liberal politicians give credit.

With some gun control measures failing to progress to floor votes last year, including the proposed weapon and magazine bans, McBride vowed in January, when lawmakers convened this year's legislative session, that any gun bill introduced this year would go to the Executive Committee, which he chairs.

"I believe the gun bills, the importance of them is such that it should be voted on by the Senate," he said at the time. "I will have a hearing on each one of them, and I will be voting to let them out."

"The gun issue permeates so many different parts of our society, we need as a policymaking body to at least have a discussion on it," McBride added.

McBride suggested Monday that disputes over gun-control legislation should be resolved through negotiation, if possible.

"They will not be resolved by protracted debate on the floor of the Delaware Senate," he explained.

Count this as a temporary victory for 2nd Amendment advocates. The battle is never won.

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