Washington Gov. Inslee signs law making illegal guns illegaler

May 9, 2019


Matthew Hoy

Earlier this week, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a slate of new gun control laws, including a law that apparently makes certain illegal guns illegaler.

The gun control laws would be “a model for the rest of the United States,” said Inslee, who is running for president.

A model? As in, the federal government should pass similar laws?

[T]hey passed a ban on undetectable and untraceable firearms, like those made from plastic with a 3D printer. A firearm must have a minimum amount of steel that would allow it to register on an X-ray machine, like the kind used for airport security.

Starting July 1, it will be a felony to manufacture, own, buy or sell such a weapon, with an additional felony charge possible for selling one to a person who is ineligible to possess a firearm.

That sounds like a great idea. The federal government should pass a similar law.

It did? Thirty-one years ago? President Reagan?

A red-flag law that takes other people's guns

Another of the laws that Inslee signed allows guns to be taken from people who live with someone who is the subject of a so-called "extreme risk protection order."

Firearms can be removed from the homes of teens who are the subject of an extreme risk protection order because they might hurt themselves or others.

This will certainly have the effect of encouraging gun owners to get mental health assistance for any teen living with them so that the government can come and take all their guns away. Genius!

Inslee running for president?!

Apparently Inslee is also running for the Democratic nomination president and believes these gun control laws will help in that effort. Inslee is trying to navigate the pro-gun-control-lane-but-not-as-crazy-as-Cory-Booker-or-Eric-Duke-Nukem-Swallwell. It is unclear if that stance is radical enough to win the hearts and minds of Democratic primary voters.

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