Former President Barack Obama Lies About U.S. Gun Laws in Brazil

June 1, 2019


Matthew Hoy

Former President Barack Obama was famously the best gun salesman of the last fifty years as he, time after time, (largely impotently) threatened legislation or regulations that would make it more difficult to purchase common firearms. In his post-presidency he has continued his anti-gun tirades, this time peddling lies about U.S. gun laws in Brazil.

"Gun laws in the United States don't make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, anytime without, you know, without much if any regulation. They can buy over the Internet. They can buy machine guns."

Even in the most 2nd Amendment-friendly states, this is not true. Any firearm purchased from a retailer with a Federal Firearms License requires the buyer to go through a background check. Many states also have passed laws requiring universal background checks which cover sales, gifts or trades of firearms between common citizens.

The idea that the U.S. has few gun regulations is also laughable. We encourage you to check out our gun-buying guides for California, New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii if you have any doubts about the level of regulation in the country.

Yes, guns can be purchased over the Internet, but they don't arrive at your doorstep like an Amazon package. Instead, they must be shipped to a local gun shop with a Federal Firearms License where a background check is conducted, and, if you're in a state with a waiting period, then the waiting period begins at that point.

As for machine guns, they are among the most heavily regulated items you can purchase in the United States. The firearms themselves are limited to ones built and registered before 1986, so no new ones are entering the market. The guns require the purchase of a $200 tax stamp from the government and an extensive FBI background check that takes more than a year. All of this is on top of the actual cost of the machine gun, which typically starts above $10,000 and can climb much higher.

Brazil to test More Guns, Less Crime

Until earlier this year, Brazil had the kind of stringent gun laws that Obama and his ilk like to tout for America—and a sky-high violent crime rate that tends to come when the law-abiding are disarmed.

In January, new "far-right" President Jair Bolsonaro, loosened Brazil's stringent gun control laws that prohibited common citizens from owning guns amid a wave of murders. Prohibitions on carrying firearms outside the home remain on Brazil's books.


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