After mass shooting proving gun control works, California officials call for more gun control

November 5, 2019


Matthew Hoy

Halloween night five people were killed and several others injured at a party at a rented mansion in Orinda, Calif. This is somehow evidence that gun control in California works so well that we need more of it.

In 2015, after a mass shooting that left 14 dead, former Dumbest Senator Ever, Barbara Boxer, had this to say on Capitol Hill.

It is a common refrain. The quasi-religious belief that gun control works and all we ever need is "more" is not falsifiable.

In response to the tragedy, Airbnb, the platform through which the house was rented has announced that it will ban "party houses" from its service. While this may not prevent future mass shootings, it does have the practical effect of distancing the Airbnb brand from future negative stories.

Politicians respond by calling for more gun control

Despite the fact that very little is known about last week's shooting, politicians immediately jumped on their go-to solution, more gun control.

Presidential hopeful and former prosecutor Sen. Kamala Harris also issued a short statement.

“I’m tired of communities in California and across the country being shattered by gun violence. We need leaders to have the courage to act. Enough.”

No one knows enough about what happened to propose anything sensible at this point. We haven't been told what kind of weapon was used or how many rounds it carried in its magazine(s). Police are apparently looking into the possibility that the Halloween shooting was retribution for quadruple murder that occurred in January 2015, so this could be your too typical gang violence.

What we aren't getting from politicians are any solutions, just more hot air.

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