Joe Biden gets called out on anti-Second Amendment advocacy; Media whitewashes

March 10, 2020


Matthew Hoy

Touring an under construction Fiat-Chrysler plant in Detroit, Mich., earlier today, Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden got into a testy exchange with a construction worker over the former vice president's anti-Second Amendment campaign promises.

Trump makes a variety of lies and omissions in a transparent effort to portray himself as some sort of moderate gun-grabber, unlike fellow Democrats Rep. Eric "Duke Nukem" Swalwell or Beto "I'm coming for your AR-15" O'Rourke.

As Twitter wag Stephen L. Miller, AKA @redsteeze pointed out:

  • There is no such thing as an AR-14 as Biden states in the clip
  • AR-15s are not illegal as Biden states in the clip
  •  Biden has a page on his website calling for a new assault weapon ban.
  • Biden has promised to appoint Beto O'Rourke as a Gun Czar

I'm continually amazed at how often the Democrats of all stripes can't get their facts straight, including on basic factual issues about gun laws. As Miller points out, there is really isn't a firearm sold today as an AR-14. Also, AR-15s are not illegal. Even when the ineffective "assault weapons ban" of 1994-2004 was in place, it as so riddled with loopholes that the modular modern sporting rifles were still sold on a regular basis.

And that's not all!

Far from being a Second Amendment supporter, Biden has an extensive page on his campaign website devoted to making sure the Second Amendment means you can have a musket, a shotgun and maybe, if you're lucky, a revolver.

Finally, in receiving the endorsement of  O'Rourke, Biden promised to make the anti-gun zealot his "gun czar" if elected. The same individual who sold campaign T-shirts touting his illegal confiscation plan.

These are not the actions of someone who is protecting Second Amendment rights.

Joe Biden lies, the media whitewashes

While Biden lies about his plans for America's firearms laws, the media, so focused on calling attention to every outright lie, misstatement and typo of President Trump, they are almost religiously opposed to applying the same scrutiny or skepticism to the Democrats' preferred candidate.

Today's case in point: Bloomberg News "reporter" Jennifer Epstein.

The news article presents Biden's defense against the worker's anti-Second Amendment charge, but fails to recount Biden's "AR-14" gaffe, the disconnect between allegedly being pro-Second Amendment and simultaneously advocating for the mass confiscation of more than 16 million commonly owned rifles.

And then there's this piece by Business Insider's David Choi.

After recounting the debate seen on the video, Choi presents this laughable analysis:

The man's allegation is identical to misleading videos that surfaced on Facebook in recent weeks. In several of these videos that have been identified by Facebook as "partly false information," Biden and former Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke of Texas are seen together at a campaign rally in Dallas, Texas, earlier in March.

The video titles suggest that "Joe Biden says if he wins he's coming for our guns," and have been shared thousands of times by purportedly conservative groups. But Biden never explicitly says he would be confiscating firearms in the videos, and instead, notes he would appoint O'Rourke to "take care of the gun problem."

"You're going to be the one who leads this effort," Biden said to O'Rourke.

O'Rourke has been a outspoken supporter of gun control, and during his brief presidential run threatened to confiscate "your AR-15, your AK-47."

How dare you! How dare you, dear reader, put two and two together and get four! I mean, if they guy didn't say it explicitly, then you're just crazy to think that he might be planning that. Or you could read down four more paragraphs in Choi's own story.

Biden later added, "we'll take your AR-14s away," referring to the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, to which the man responded by waving his hand: "This is not o.k."

Wait, I thought it was just the crazy types who thought Biden was going to take your guns away?

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